Wee bit blurry, but Zarry were so cute last night.


It’s kinda weird that 1d named their next album after how many back up singers zayn has …

“Zayn gets to lead the way and helps craft a more epic, soaring sound that they’ve had before on a lead single. There’s a big high note for him that proves his worth as 1d’s strongest and most consistent singer, hopefully silencing some of his critics along the way.” — Paul Leake, Click Music. (via intoxicatemezm)

My friend just pointed something out to me that made me almost fall out of my chair. And it was that perald looks a lot like Ann Romney. Zayn is with a Republican's wife look alike. Someone please make this stop.

Who cares. Zayns been chill lately and not annoying so I really don’t care about them anymore

liams mom + kissing/hugging zayn :)