I need my Zayn nice and chubby and round by the time the EMAs roll around

HOLY SHIT Alli!! My uncle's my dentist I'm freaking out!

GOD WHY THE HELL are you even doing that nastiness if it’s not Zayn?? Like is it even worth your time.

Hey can you explain the Gretchen Eleanor and Tina thing?? I don't get it??

Some //people:: in this fandom don’t think Eleanor is a real person they think she’s like a twin or clone it’s a conspiracy theory and it’s stupid and embarrassing


"Can a dentist tell how much dick you’ve sucked" 

Alli closertozayn in the tags “yeah guys we can tell just so you know” 


[ m  y  s  t  e  r  y ]

WHATTTT? how can a dentist tell if ou give head omg???

They can tell by the roof of your mouth I forgot what happens but yeah your dentist will know if you have I’m dying

Wait omg Alli, dentists really can tell? Or are you just messing around

LMAO you can tell I promise you can tell by the roof of your mouth I swear my dentist told me this when I was shadowing him